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'''Howard Kern "Howie" Day''' (born January 15, 1981) is an American singer-songwriter. Beginning his career as a solo artist in the late 1990s, Day became known for his extensive touring and in-concert use of sampler (musical instrument)|samplers and effects unit|effects pedals in order to accompany himself. He self-financed and self-released his first album, ''Australia (Howie Day album)|Australia'', in 2000. Day eventually signed a recording contract with major label Epic Records- in 2002 and has since re-released his debut as well as producing a follow-up, ''Stop All The World Now''. Despite initially sluggish sales, ''Stop All The World Now'' was certified gold in early 2005 and has produced a number of singles, including the hits "She Says (Howie Day song)|She Says" and "Collide (Howie Day song)|Collide", Day's most successful to date. The track became Epic Records’ first platinum single, eventually selling 1.5...
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